The protagonist has just lived a sentimental breakup that takes him to a limit situation in his life. Overnight, he decides to leave behind his job, his university studies, his flat, his family … To buy a one way ticket to Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego). Several months later, after the wounds are healed, he arrives to Buenos Aires, a city where he must now face what catapulted his trip long ago. The encounter occurs in a new continent, in an unknown city and with him being a totally different person.


Title: The last refuge

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 90 ms’

Country: Argentina-Chile-Bolivia-Paraguay-Uruguay

Spoken language: Spanish

Color: Color

Shooting format: HD

Aspect ratio: 1:77.1

Written and directed by: Ricardo Yebra

Cinematography: Ricardo Yebra

Production: Pendejo Films S.L

Editing: Cristina Vivó

Color: Antonio Sanz Jiménez

Design and layout: Rodrigo Delgado

The last refuge is a documentary film told in the form of a travel diary. The story is catapulted by a borderline experience that throws the main character on an existential journey that leads him to hitch-hike from Ushuaia to Bolivia on a circular trip.

The beginning is the beginning of Madrid’s spring, where an environment that evokes love, joy, colour and luminosity clashes with the mood of its protagonist. In search of a context that lives up to his emotional state, he travels to the end of the world, to the cold winter of the Patagonia. From there he begins to climb (physically and metaphorically), on a trip that ends in Buenos Aires, with the spring of the southern hemisphere, facing back that limit experience that months ago originally took him to this continent.